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Winter Multiplex Starting 10-7-17

Poster Kenmore Multiplex winter 17 (1)


Come join the fun of shooting the winter multiplex!!

Join the PITA at the October shoot and shoot the 2018 season for free. This is a fun way to hone your trap shooting skills with a little competition. The Winter Multiplex is a great way to start shooting competition as it consists of shooting 50 singles (16 yard line) 50 Handicap (start at the 20 yard line) and then 25 pair doubles!  If you have a sub-gauge gun (20, 28 or 410 gauge) we will also shoot 50 singles in the sub-gauge event. You can shoot 1, 2, 3 or all of the events. Any questions please email Andrew at  I will be than happy to answer any question.

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