Valentines Night Trap Shooting

Ladies Night was an absolute success! We had 28 attendees…father/daughter, husband/wife, date night couples, friends meeting with friends…we even had a couple who brought their 6 week old baby! First mom would shoot, dad would hold the baby in the clubhouse then mom would hold the baby and dad would shoot. Majsan brought a GIANT heart-shaped box of chocolates and we had pizza, cookies and a veggie tray for those watching their figures. Robb Stack, Majsan & Travis were our volunteers and it was a cold night. I really appreciated their perseverance in the frosty air. Lizzy was a perfect greeter and melted many hearts. This night also offered new members who had only shot at the pistol and rifle ranges to come out and try trap shooting.  What a wonderful event!

12 gauge and 20 gauge shells are out of stock.
9mm ammunition in stock.