Round 4 McMertry Shoot

Round 4 of the McMertry shoot was held at Kenmore.

With some of the regular shooters having to miss this shoot, it set up for an interesting day at the trap field.

Machais showed up with a strong team (9 shooters) to try and even up the score, With Greg Minor coming out of the gate with the top score of 48, Good shooting Greg!!.

But Team Kenmore (10 shooters) posted some great scores as well and pulled out a close win, shooting a total of 217 to 215.

The top 5 shooters for Kenmore were: Sean Miller 46, Ryan Hites 45, Phil S. 43, Torrin 42 and Mike O’Malley 41,

This was certainly a complete team effort from all of the guys/gals from the shotgun range!

Thank you to team Captain Nathan Ware for getting this going again and it was a lot of fun for everyone at the club!

Also would like to thank Robert and the trappers for doing a great job in helping out with the shoot.

Until next year team Kenmore is Number 1 in 2017………….

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