July 19, 2019

Rejoin the WCWI Online



$ 0.00
I am re-applying for membership in the Wildlife Committee of Washington, Inc. and the amount indicated on this invoice is the difference owed in addition to my renewal fee that has already been paid.

I understand that if the initiation process is not completed within three (3) months it could result in the forfeiture of all fees paid with this application. The initiation process includes attending an orientation session and being voted into membership by the Board of Directors. No membership benefits are granted until the initiation process has been completed.

Please check the calendar for the next orientation meeting which is held in the Chalet at the second Tuesday of each month and the fourth Thursday of each month at 7PM. Waiver of Liability
I have read and understand the range safety rules and understand the dangers associated with the use of firearms and archery equipment which could include death, personal injury and property damage. In consideration for being permitted use of the facilities and entry to the premises, and on behalf of my family, estate, heirs and assigns, I assume all risk of death, personal injury and property damage and I hold harmless the Wildlife Committee of Washington, its officers, directors, members, agents, and employees from all claims of action, or liability of any kind.
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We may have the ammunition you need, check at the rifle office. 2-box limit. Details in the menu under 'News'.