September 11, 2016


Outdoor Pistol Range
The Kenmore Range has several dedicated pistol ranges. Range #3 is a fully safetied 28 point all-weather 7, 25 and 50 yard range. This range has turning targets at 25 yards and is used for both International and Bullseye matches and leagues as well as competitive shooting practice. There are good lights on the targets and we hold evening competitions often.


This range is open to the public on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. There is a public shooting fee. Eye and ear protection, and chamber flags are required. We have a professional rangemaster supervising the shooting activity during our public shooting hours, keeping everyone safe and on the target. This is a target range and we require a basic skill level…which is to be able to place all your rounds on your target. The rangemaster will help those willing to learn; the rest we send away.

Indoor Range
Our indoor range has 11 firing points for .22LR and turning targets at 50 feet. We hold Bullseye .22 Leagues every winter. During the nice weather, when the other activities go outdoors, we put up the air gun range and shoot ISU air pistol at 10 meters from mid-April through June.

Competitive Pistol Shooting
Kenmore Ranges specializes in International pistol (ISSF). We hold weekly matches, leagues and training sessions in Free Pistol, Standard Pistol, Centerfire/Sport Pistol, Rapid-fire Pistol, and Air Pistol. Our matches and leagues are low key events with emphasis on enjoyment and improvement, however the shooter next to you may well be on the US Shooting Team and the holder of a national record. Most events are sanctioned by USA Shooting and/or the NRA. Our events typically have about 25 competitors and, in the Puget Sound area, it is well known that Kenmore is the place to go if you want to shoot International pistol.

We also regularly hold NRA 2700 Bullseye matches and an annual indoor .22 Bullseye League (we compete in the Spokesman-Review postal). This year we are hosting the State 2700 Bullseye Championships in September.

Annual Match Schedule (see match schedule or calendar for exact dates)

Winter League Mar-Apr, ISSF Standard Pistol, indoor, 50′

ISSF Air Pistol League Apr-Jul, indoor, 10 m.

ISSF Centerfire/Sport Pistol League Aug-Oct, outdoor, 25 yds

NRA .22 Bullseye League Nov-Mar, indoor, 50′

ISSF Free Pistol, all year, outdoor 25 yds under lights at a reduced target

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