NRA Range Safety Officer Class

Range Safety Officer (RSO) Certification Course

Prerequisite – Candidates must be 21 years old AND an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer prior to attending the Chief Range Safety Officer Training.
A two-day course consisting of two parts:
Part One: Basic Instructor Training – BIT (7 hours)
(NOTE: NRA Certified Instructors do not need to re-take BIT, but must re-take the Trainer’s
Exam if they have not taken it within the last 12 months.)
Part Two: Chief Range Safety Officer Training (9 hours)

NOTE: Chief Range Safety Officers, in addition to all the rights and responsibilities of Range Safety Officers, are also qualified and certified to TEACH other candidates to become NRA Certified Range Safety Officers. As such, this requires the CRSO candidate to become an NRA Certified Instructor and requires additional training.
CRSO candidates who are currently-certified NRA Instructors are not required to attend Part One: Basic Instructor Training, but may be required to re-take the Trainer’s Exam if they have not taken it in the previous 12 months.

Upon successful completion of the class the candidate will know:

The Role of the Chief Range Safety Officer and Standard Operating Procedures
How to teach the Range Safety Officer Class According to the Policies, Procedures and Lesson Plans of the NRA
Check out the calendar for upcoming dates.

Other class dates may be scheduled by special arrangement – contact Richard Ripley, 206.271-0670.
Classes are conducted from 9:30am to about 6:00pm each day in “The Chalet” and includes visiting a live range.

Cost: $125.00 per student. Course fee includes all materials and NRA certification fees.
Students are restricted to those 21 years old or older.

Required Materials: A bagged lunch – or you may opt to visit any of the many fast food restaurants in the area. You are encouraged to bring and demonstrate one or two “unique” firearms (you MUST be familiar with the operation of the firearm) which others may not have previously seen. You may also bring a copy of your home club’s “standard operation procedures” manual (SOP) for comparison and discussion.

Advance registration is required. To register please contact the Rangemaster at (425) 481-8686.
Questions or concerns? Contact Richard Ripley, 206.271-0670.