November Kenmore Benchrest Match Report by Richard Nicol

Benchrest Match Report, November 2017

     Well, sometimes in November we have major storms, trees fall down and power lines dangle over head. We actually had a storm like that recently but this Saturday wasn’t like that at all. It was one of those chilly early winter days when the air decides not to move and wind flags complain about unemployment. So of course you’d expect good scores on a day like this and there were some good scores but not as many as you’d expect. Maybe because we shot at 300 yards and we haven’t been doing that much lately because of our mud slide problem out there at 300 which has been pretty much fixed, at least until the next monsoon. But 300 yards is a good learning distance. Maybe some of our shooters learned something this morning. We hope so.

     We had ten shooters two of whom shared a bench. That would be Doris Locke and Cindy Vu. Cindy is Khanh Nguyen’s wife. That’s just for reference. She probably doesn’t like to be referred to that way. In any case it’s always good to have new shooters at our matches and to see family members shooting together. Also it was good to see Bryan Walker again, our resident Cougar. He’ll be watching the game at Husky stadium on Saturday with interest but he may be disappointed in the outcome. You’d think a cougar would be more than a match for a shaggy dawg.

     Here’s how the shooting played out. We have three classes of guns: Custom (C), factory custom (FC) and Factory (F). In match one, in Custom: In first place with 102 points was the irascible but nevertheless lovable John Chang . Ted Larson was second with 101 points and Khanh Nguyen was third with 100 points. All three shooters were armed with .30 BRs. Coincidence? Not!!! In FC: Cindy Vu and Doris Locke were first with 98 points and Doris’s progeny David Locke was second with 94 points. In F: Dennis Tyskiewicz was first with 96. Matt Daly and Bryan Walker both scored 86 points for second.

     Match two: Two ties this time in C: Ted and Khanh both had 102 points for first and John and Tom Horne both had 101 points for second place. On a nearly perfectly calm day, in custom class you can’t drop many points and expect to win anything. In FC: David proved what a good shooter he is and scored 100 points. Doris and Cindy were close behind with 98. In F: Dennis shot the excellent score of 101, right up there with the custom boys. Matt had 93 with his 6.5 Creedmoor and Bryan scored 91 points.

     Match three: This time John and Tom shared first place with 102 points each. Ted had 100 and Khanh scored 98 points. In FC: David started pulling into the lead with the fine score of 102 points though Cindy and Doris were close behind with 100 points. In F: Dennis again outpaced the others with 99 points. Bryan shot his best target of the day with 96 points and Matt scored 90. Wow, some good shooting in match three!

    Okay, last match of the day. In C: this time John shot the best score of the day- 104 points. Tom, shooting his 6mm PPC very well indeed, was second with 102 points and Khanh was third with 101 points. In FC: David shot another 100 and Cindy and Doris were right behind with 99. Terrific shooting in Factory Custom class today, that’s for sure. In Factory: Dennis was first with 97 points. Matt had 94 and Bryan 86.

     Here are the winners is each class. John had the best total score in Custom class. David was first in Factory Custom and Dennis was the clear winner in Factory class.

     Please note: until further notice our match fee will be a very reasonable ten dollars and we’ll be giving most of that back to the shooters in prize money. So you won’t go broke shooting with us. Come out and give it a try. All shooters and rifles are welcome.

     A special thanks to Matt Daly for helping run the match and to put up targets and generally get things done. And thanks to Jeff for scoring the targets. Always appreciated. Our next match is December 9. Call Richard Nicol at 206-784-1093 for information.

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