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McMertry Shoot at Machias 1-28-17

The McMertey Shoot has been revived with the help Mike Davis and Nathan Ware, this is a club against club competition where shooters are tasked with shooting (50) birds: (25) from the 17 yard line and (25) form the 23 yard line. Continental is done with 1 shot instead of 2 shots, and let me tell you that is tough! This will be held a total of 6 times over the next couple of months, 3 times at Machias and 3 times and Kenmore. After each shoot the top 5 scores from each team are added together with the high overall as the winner. The first shoot was held at Machias and Kenmore had a great showing with 16 team members!

After all of the gunpowder cleared it was Machias 204 to Kenmore 197.

Next shot will be held on February 18th at Kenmore, where we will even the score up at that shoot!!



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