Rimfire Rifle Competition .22 Caliber Rifles 50 yards

January 2, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Range #1 and Chalet
Matthew Daly
Rimfire Rifle Competition .22 Caliber Rifles 50 yards @ Range #1 and Chalet

This is a .22LR Rimfire rifle competition conducted at the benchrest using the US Benchrest Shooters (USBR) 50-yard target with stand-alone scoring and prize money awards for each of two targets. This competition is ideal for shooters who are interested in precision shooting with a .22LR Rimfire rifle. Scoring is posted each month on the range website under Events>Rimfire Match Scores.

Match dates:

Matches are regularly held on the first Saturday of each month but may change due to conflicts with other events. Check the range calendar for date changes.

Firearm and Ammunition:

• Any .22 LR Rimfire rifle with at least a 20X power scope. A 36X power scope is recommended.
• There are two rifle divisions: Match Rifles for premium accuracy rifles and Sport Rifles used for target and recreational shooting. Contact the Match Director if you have any questions regarding the classification for your rifle. Classification will be determined by the Match Director at registration.
• Ammunition is limited to .22 Long Rifle standard or high velocity cartridges.
• 50 rounds are required for the match plus extra rounds required for sighters and practice.

Entry Fee:

• $10 match fee per rifle with $8 returned in prize money. The contestant may enter rifles in both divisions with a separate entry fee for each division.

Match details:

• Kenmore Range Safety rules will apply to this match. See this link for details.
• Chamber flags are required.
• Eye and ear protection is required.
• Club membership is not required to participate in this competition. Non club members must complete the Public Shooter Waiver Form at the time of registration for the match.
• Match Division Registration is from 7:30am to 8:20am with the competition beginning at 9:01am
• The Sport Division Registration is from 9:00am to 9:45am with the competition beginning at 10:15am.

Because only nine benches in three relays are available due to Range COVID-19 Guidelines, entry is by RSVP only.  Contact the Match Director if you are interested in participating.

Course of fire:

• Two USBR 50 Yard targets consisting of 25 2-inch diameter individual target bulls each.
• There is a 40-minute time limit including the time required to sight the rifle scope.
• Ten points are awarded for hitting the center target ring and then a descending points in each of the outer rings. Eliminating the target center is designated as an “X” and will be used for tie breakers only.
• Scoring is based on where the bullet touches the inner ring with scoring instructions at this website: https://www.rimfirecentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=328392.

Supporting Equipment:

• Front rests may be any type of bi-pod as well as the Kenmore Shooting Range wooden frame rests and/or any type of sand bag
• Rear rests may be any type of sandbag or benchrest style rear bags
• Mechanical rests and barrel tuners are prohibited.

For additional information contact the Match Director: Matt Daly mattd5404@frontier.com



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