Chuck Barnes Fund – Please Donate!

Chuck Barnes has been a rangemaster at Kenmore Range for the last decade. His presence and assistance to countless patrons of the facility has contributed to the success of the club. He has always been an indelible mark of positivity and professionalism for the community.

Chuck suffered a stroke this winter, just before the new year. His mind is as sharp as ever, but he has suffered physical trauma from the stroke including double vision, facial paralysis, and issues with equilibrium. His condition is not life threatening, but it has drastically affected his ability to speak and be mobile, massively affecting his day to day life. Chuck is very positive and has begun the long journey to recover as much mobility and independence as he can but he will not be able to return to work or support his family for the near future.

A fellow member of our community needs help! Please give to ease the Barnes family financial burden!

Employees have started a GoFundMe page for Chuck. Anything you can give will help immensely and give the Barnes family one less thing to worry about. Please donate if you can-Chuck has given so much to this club, the patrons and community. We have an opportunity to show our gratitude and support.

Donations may also be dropped off at any of the Kenmore Range offices.

Thank you