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Ammo Sale

Have you been looking for ammo?

We cleaned out our shelves, and may have what you are looking for.

Check at the rifle office for details.

  • Prices are without tax
  • Ammo Name Pub Price
  • 9mm S&B 124 $20.00
  • .45 acp Ultramax 230 Fmj $25.00
  • .45 acp Ultramax 200 Semi $25.00
  • .45 acp S&B  $25.00
  • .45 acp Geco  $25.00
  • .40 S&W Blazer Brass $25.00
  • .40 AE 180gr $23.95
  • 5.56 AE $15.00
  • 223 AE $15.00
  • 5.56 Hornady Super $22.95
  • 223 Fed 77gr $27.95
  • 223 Tap $25.95
  • 223 Fiocchi $19.95
  • 7.62x39 $15.00
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2019 Annual Club Picnic

All members are invited to the Club Membership Picnic on Sunday, June 23 - noon - 1500

Spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon with fellow club members! Burgers and brats, chips and soft drinks provided...drawings for prizes and fun things for the kids!

Please bring donations for the Womens of Domestic Violence charity drive. Gently used women's clothing, bicycles, new blankets, and toiletries would all be welcome.

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Kenmore is hiring for a Facilities Manager!

Kenmore is hiring for a full time Facilities Manager. If you are interested please send your resume to


Kenmore Shooting Range Facilities Manager

Job Summary: The Facilities Manager is responsible for the overall maintenance of all Club
Property, buildings, gun ranges, archery fields and equipment used on the Wildlife Committee of
Washington Archery and Shooting Complex 1031 SW 228th Street Bothell Washington.

Job Description: The Facilities Manager must ensure that the facility is operational and can be
used safely by club members and members of the public. He/She must manage the day to day
operations of The Club. He/She must ensure that pistol, rifle and shotgun ranges are fully staffed,
and that employees are adhering to safety rules and protocols at these ranges. He/She must
ensure enforcement of Washington State Department of Labor and Industries rules and regulation
for all employees at this facility and ensure their health and safety training is current. A record of
attendance must be filed for employee training classes. He/She must establish a plan for the safe
evacuation of employees from the WCW grounds in case of an emergency or natural disaster.

The Facilities Manager must plan and implement an equipment maintenance schedule for all
mechanical equipment, rolling or stationary, on WCW property, and ensure the equipment is
maintained to manufacture’s specifications or better. Duties include the survey of all buildings
and structures on a preventive maintenance schedule to ensure that they are in good working
order, roofs are sound, heating, electric and plumbing is in good working order and doors,
windows, walls and floors are in good condition.

The Facilities Manager must manage the grounds, roads, parking areas, trails and fence line; is
responsible for tree removal or trimming if they present a safety hazard to people using the range
facilities or to electrical lines on club property; must ensure all culverts, storm drains and
rainwater retention ponds on Club grounds to reduce soil erosion on the property.

The Facilities Manager must maintain an inventory of all goods sold or used by the club, including
rifle, pistol and shotgun ammunition, shooting components, clay targets, paper targets, archery
targets, safety equipment, hearing protection and eye glasses, etc. Must work closely with vendors
and contractors to ensure that the services and goods The Club has contracted to receive are
entered in our inventory and any services rendered are both timely and professional.

The Facilities Manager must work closely with Archery, Rifle, Handgun, and Shotgun committee
chairs to form a Work Committee that could bring to the Board future projects that would improve
the range facilities and enhance the experience of members and public using Wildlife Committee
of Washington Kenmore Gun Range.

The Facilities Manager must compile an annual maintenance budget to present to the board prior
to the end of the fiscal year, including cost estimates for any major renovations or improvements
going forward that require extra funding.

The management of range staff at WCW will be the responsibility of the Facilities Manager. Hiring,
training and disciplinary actions must have the approval of the Wildlife Committee of Washington
Board, Board Chairman, and Trustee Chairman. The Facilities Manager will also perform other
duties as required and assigned by The Board of Trustees.