Benchrest Match Report January 2017 by Richard Nicol

In spite of an impending Seahawks playoff game we had one of our best turnouts ever for our January match at Kenmore. (Seahawks lost anyway.) All three bays were nearly full. It was cold but not bitter, quite. Conditions were pretty good though there were winds out at 200 yards which were challenging. Again our colleagues from central Washington (East Wenatchee), Mark Burns and Henry Ohrazda drove over the pass to shoot with us. It’s always great to have them. We must reciprocate and shoot a some of their matches. And we had three new shooters drive up from Tacoma, Rick Roger, William Ellison and Daniel Perez. We’re happy they could join us. There are a lot of good shooters from south of town. Bryan March and Khanh Nguyen come to mind. And it was good to see Praveen Kumar return. He prefers to compete at much longer distances I’m sure and he’s a terrific shooter.

We have started shooting in three categories now. It seemed to work pretty well. We have factory class which is meant for rifles as they come off the loading dock and with rounded fore ends and no aftermarket goodies, like custom triggers. They can be shot off rests or bipods. Secondly, there is custom factory, which may be the trickiest one. This is for those factory guns that have wide, flat fore ends, like some of the Savages rifles and for ARs that are made up from a lot of assembled custom parts. An AR that is relatively mass produced and has a rounded fore end could conceivably be shot in the factory class. This is the tricky part. Any rifle with a flat fore end adaptor is in the custom factory class. And of course custom class is a completely custom built rifle. You know one when you see one.

So here’s how the shooting went. We shot only at 200 yards today. In Factory class, match one: Daniel Perez was first with 97-2X, Matt Daly had 95-0X and Dennis Tywkiewicz was third, scoring 94-1X. In Custom Factory which I’ll call CF class, Bryan March got off to a terrific start (and continued all day) with a score of 100-2X. His arch rival, Doris Locke was second with 98-1X and Mark Burns was third with 90-0X. In Custom class Ted Larson immediately shot the best score of the day with 100-5X. Praveen Kumar was right behind scoring 100-4X and John Chang scored 100-1X for third.

Match two: In Factory, Matt Daly was first, shooting a terrific score of 98-3X. He is shooting a Savage Model 12 F/TR, a really good choice for this class. In second was Dennis with 96-0X and Daniel was third with 95-2X. In CF Bryan was again first with 100-1X. Doris was second with 98-0X and Mark was third with 93-0X. In Custom, Ted and Khanh Nguyen both scored 100-4X for first place. Dan Kjelland was second with 100-3X and Praveen was third with 100-2X.

Match three: In Factory class Daniel was again first with 98-1X, Jeff Locke was second scoring 94-0X and Matt was third with 93-1X. In CF Bryan had 98-2X, Doris had 98-1X and Mark scored 96-1X. In Custom class Ted matched his best score of 100-5X for first. Khanh was one X behind, 100-4X and John shot 100-0X.

Okay down to the last match of the day: In Factory, Parker Letson shot his best score of the day with 97-0X. Good shooting Parker! Daniel and Jeff both shot 95-0X for second and Dennis was third scoring 94-0X. In CF round up the usual suspects: Bryan shot yet another clean target with 100-1X, Doris was second with 95-1X and Mark scored 95-0X for third place. In Custom, Dan scored 100-2X for first place. Nguyen was second with 100-1X and Ted actually dropped a point (!) so his score was a lowly 99-3X. End of story, almost.

Here are the overall winners in each class: Daniel in Factory, Bryan in Custom Factory and Ted in Custom. Our next match is February 11. That’s only three days before Valentine’s Day. We’ll have a little novelty target for a box or two of chocolates. Jeff you’d better win one for Doris, or vice versa! More likely vice versa. Also, the February match will be a sort of warmup match for our March match which is the Siebert shoot that’s shot at 100 and 200 yards. So next month we’ll shoot at those two distances. That way you’ll have all your settings for March, at least theoretically. Any questions, call Richard Nicol at 206-784-1093 or Dennis Tyskiewicz at 425-409-1223.

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