September 5, 2018

Oktober WA 1440 Doppelrunde FITA Fest

Oktober WA 1440 Doppelrunde FITA Fest
Oktober 6th & 7th, 2018
Kenmore Shooting Range
Internationales FITA-Sternturnier

It’s the end of the outdoor season. Come celebrate the change of the seasons with a Weekend of 1440 Rounds. Rain or Shine, Warm or Crisp, the shooting will start at 9 am, both days.
Work on your World Archery Stars, or shoot a new National or World Record! Grab a group of friends and enjoy the beautiful NW Autumn Season.

Star FITA competitions are sanctioned by USA Archery & World Archery and follow rules of those organizations.
Participants must be USA Archery Members.

Saturday: Check in by 9:30 am

Recurve & Compound

  • 1440 Round Junior & Senior Men – 90, 70, 50, 30m
  • 1440 Round Master Men, Women, Junior Women, & Cadet Men – 70, 60, 50, 30m
  • 1440 Round Master & Cadet Women – 60, 50, 40, 30m
  • 1440 Round Cub – 50, 40, 30, 20m
  • 1440 Round Bowman – 30, 25, 25, 20m

The two further distances are shot at 122cm Target Faces, the two closer distances are shot at 80cm Target Faces
No day of registration, register online by September 30, 2018!

Shooting Time: First Shots for Score at 10 AM – Practice starts around 9 AM
Sunday: Exactly the same as Saturday

Coffee and Donuts at the start. Restaurants located nearby. No Onsite Camping. I won’t mention the Adult Oriented Bothell Underground Beer Festival, however you’ll have to shoot fast to make it


Single Entries

  • Saturday only – $20
  • Sunday only – $20
  • Entire Weekend – $35

Sign up by September 30th!


Starting Distance: 90m Starting Distance: 70m Starting Distance: 60m Starting Distance: 50m Starting Distance: 30m
  • Michael – Sunday Only
  • Fred
  • Kevin
  • Jeff
  • Chuck – Compound
  • Erin
  • DeAnna
  • Miki
  • Bill G.
  • Bill L.
  • Kian
  • Mackenzie – Sunday Only
  • Gabe – Saturday Only
  • Tarquin – Sunday Only
  • Bella
  • Izzy
  • Emma
  • Pernille
  • Sarah – Compound
  • Armin
  • Noah
Please enter your USA Archery Number here. NFAA members need a temporary USA Archery Number (available for free)
Please enter the division that the archer would like to shoot. This will allow you to select ANY division. Incorrect choices will be checked at a later stage.
Please put Self or None if you are not affiliated with a club.
Waiver of Liability
I have read and understand the range safety rules and understand the dangers associated with the use of firearms and archery equipment which could include death, personal injury and property damage. In consideration for being permitted use of the facilities and entry to the premises, and on behalf of my family, estate, heirs and assigns, I assume all risk of death, personal injury and property damage and I hold harmless the Wildlife Committee of Washington, its officers, directors, members, agents, and employees from all claims of action, or liability of any kind.

USA Archery Waiver

I agree to the Release of Liability and Waiver Agreement (click here for more information).
Event Participation Fee
Refund Policy
Refunds asked for before Preregistration is over will be fully refunded minus Credit Card Processing fees. No Refunds after Preregistration is over, but we can credit you for a later competition the same year.

This is a sanctioned event, so be sure to bring your (or buy your temporary) USA Archery card to prove that you are a current member. USA Archery Dress Code applies