September 11, 2016


Olympic Range
The Kenmore Shooting Sports Park has all types of archery facilities. Our Olympic FITA Archery range is one of only a few dedicated FITA ranges in the entire country.

Flat Range
Our covered Flat Range has targets from 20 to 80 yards. The shooting line is under cover and the targets are lit for evening shooting by members with permission. Public shooters are done at 7pm or dusk.

Bow Hunter Walk-Thru Range
Our Walk-thru range has 50+ animal bag targets in a natural hunting setting. There are marked firing points and sheltered targets with no marked distances.

Outdoor Ranges

Indoor Range
We have an indoor archery range which is open to members and the public during the winter months on Sunday and Monday evenings. Targets are shot at 60 feet. Recurves, compounds and longbows are used by the participants and the members in charge of each evening are always willing to help out those who would like to improve their shooting technique.