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Kenmore Wins Again!!

Kenmore hosted the final McMurtry Shoot and it was a huge success!! A total of 48 shooters from the 3 different clubs participated in the shoot. The weather started off with some snow coming down, but by the time we started it turn into a nice day for shooting. Kenmore finished off strong with 26 shooters showing up, including 6 junior shooters. The final score for the day were Granite Falls 189, Machais 186 and Kenmore 204. The overall scores were Kenmore 820, Machais 771 and Granite Falls 767.

Top shooters for Kenmore today were John Sutton 43, Bill Boettner, Greg Stewart, Meryn Stewart (Junior Shooter) and Robert Miller all posting scores of 41!! Kenmore’s team Captain Wilbur Loo, who has made all of the events, was happy to accept the belt again!!

After the shoot was done, The Shot Gun Club hosted a BBQ. Cooking the burgers and brats were Joe Rinaldi and Mark Silver. Pam Stewart and Lisa Miller helping with serving all the food.

Big thanks to Granite Falls, Machais and Kenmore for putting together prizes for the 8 Junior Shooters, as they all went home with either 2 boxes of shells or punch cards for 4 rounds of trap at Granite or Kenmore!

Thank you again to all of the shooters who attended and making this a fun shoot!

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February Ladies’ Pistol Night

It was a snowy and cold 28 degrees on the Pistol Range for our February Ladies’ Pistol Night, but we still had 8 brave lady shooters join us for some instruction and range time.  Several of our shooters were repeat visitors, but we also had 4 brand new ladies venture out for the very first time.  Hot coffee, pizza, and snacks were enjoyed during the breaks that the ladies took to warm up in our Pistol Classroom.  With the help of some fantastic gentlemen volunteers who gave up the coziness of their own homes to coach and maintain safety standards, the ladies who ran the event, Jo, Daphne, and Majsan, kept the lady shooters energized and excited.

Ladies’ Pistol Night runs every month, on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, from 5-9:pm.  Volunteers are always needed to help the event go smoothly.  If you would like to volunteer, or you have more questions about the event, please contact Majsan Champagne at  We look forward to seeing you on the Range!

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Valentines Night Trap Shooting

Ladies Night was an absolute success! We had 28 attendees…father/daughter, husband/wife, date night couples, friends meeting with friends…we even had a couple who brought their 6 week old baby! First mom would shoot, dad would hold the baby in the clubhouse then mom would hold the baby and dad would shoot. Majsan brought a GIANT heart-shaped box of chocolates and we had pizza, cookies and a veggie tray for those watching their figures. Robb Stack, Majsan & Travis were our volunteers and it was a cold night. I really appreciated their perseverance in the frosty air. Lizzy was a perfect greeter and melted many hearts. This night also offered new members who had only shot at the pistol and rifle ranges to come out and try trap shooting.  What a wonderful event!

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Round 3 of the McMurtry Shoot

Round 3 of the McMurtry shoot was held a Granite Falls GC, it was a nice day for the shoot.

We had another good turnout for the competition against Machais and Granite Falls and Kenmore.

Top shooter of the Day was Meryn Stewart (Kenmore) with a 42!!!

At the end of the shoot Kenmore and Machais tied with 198 and Granite with 190 total.

Kenmore’s scores were Meryn Stewart (42) Bill Boettner (40) Mike O’Malley (39) Andrew Gough (39) and Gregory “G3” Stewart (38).

The last and final shoot will be held at Kenmore on 2/24 with a BBQ to follow, put on by the Shot Gun Commitee

Good shooting Kenmore! See you on the 24th…………….

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New 2018 Special Use Main Gate Keys Are Now Available

The 2018 Special Use main front gates keys are now available in the Rifle Office.  You must have a  current 2018 Member badge with Special Use in order to purchase a new gate key.  Cost of the new 2018 gate keys will be $10.00.  If you have an old gate key, please turn it in when you purchase your new gate key.  The new lock for the front gate will be installed on 3/1/2018, after which time the old gate keys will no longer function.