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Washington State Trap Shooting Championship

The Washington State Trap Shooting Championships were held last week at Evergreen Sportsman Club in Little Rock Wa., July 12th thru the 16th.
Kenmore had a total of 12 shooter from the club, and we took away 12 total trophies!!
Gwen Campbell won Black Diamond Singles Ladies Class, State Singles Ladies Champion, State Handicap Ladies Champion and State Ladies HAA
David Levinson won Black Diamond Singles, Class C Doubles R/U, Class D Singles Champion and HOA for Class C,
Robert Miller won B Class Singles R/U , Andrew Gough won State Handicap Champion, finished second in A class HAA and Meryn Stewart tied for 1st in the Singles Youth Shoot with a 50 out of 50 and then won the Singles Sub-Junior Class shooting a 100 straight with a final score of 190 for the weekend!! When it was all said and done Meryn ran a total of 160 straight targets and she is 13 years old! Other strong showing for the Trap Club Members were Mike O’Malley who managed to hit a couple of Magnum’s in Handicap, Greg Miner’s squad were one of 2 that shot a 125/125, this is the second time this month that Greg has been on a 125 squad!! Gary Webster was in a shoot off, Greg (G3)Stewart III, (age 11)  shot a 49/50 in the youth shoot and did very well the rest of the weekend. Our youngest shooter on the team Thomas Stewart (age 9) shot 74 out of 200 in singles in only his second competition!! Dave Elliot, Nathan Ware and Jim Storlie, all shot well through out the events as well.

Oh and Gwen got her Crown back!!

Friday night Andrew, Mike, Lisa Miller and Pam Stewart hosted a steak dinner and Smores fest for all of us and as suspected the adults ate more Smores!!

Jim brought his new puppy Pearl and she soon became the new Kenmore mascot!!

When the competition finished we all got together and shot Meryn’s hat for the 100 straight! Meryns brother, G3 even suggested we take her hat off her head first! 🙂
In all, it was a great shoot for the Kenmore Trap Shooters. 

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