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Round #4 of the Continental League Shoot

Sunday saw the Continental League Shoot hold Event #4 at Kenmore Shotgun Range, this is a traveling league that goes to 8 different gun clubs through out Western Washington. With a total of 108 shooters and 10,700 White Flyer Targets being thrown on a cold and breezy day there was still some great scores.

Top shooter of the day was Richard Welch (Master Class) with a 99 out of 100, Ted Pitt (AA Class) 97, Jeff Vanwager (A Class) 96,  Doug Tenzler (B Class) 93, Jim Gillis (C Class) 95, Robert McEwen (D Class) 91, Andrew Coster (E Class) 90, Pete Tulloch (Senior Vets Class) 49/50, Jennifer Anex (Ladies Class 1) 45/50 Janice Bryant (Ladies Class 2) 35/50, Andrew Gough (Unclassified Class) 94, and winning the Sub Junior Class was 10 year old Gregory Stewart from Kenmore, as well as winning the Sub-JR he won a Goose Pin!

Everything ran smooth all day, with Dave Levinson keeping the Trappers and Shotgun Committee volunteer's rotating with scoring and keeping the trap houses full.

President Joe Rinaldi , Pamela Stewart and Theresa Barnes kept the shooters happy with a good hot lunch. all in all it was a great shoot put on by Kenmore!






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McMertry Shoot at Machias 1-28-17

The McMertey Shoot has been revived with the help Mike Davis and Nathan Ware, this is a club against club competition where shooters are tasked with shooting (50) birds: (25) from the 17 yard line and (25) form the 23 yard line. Continental is done with 1 shot instead of 2 shots, and let me tell you that is tough! This will be held a total of 6 times over the next couple of months, 3 times at Machias and 3 times and Kenmore. After each shoot the top 5 scores from each team are added together with the high overall as the winner. The first shoot was held at Machias and Kenmore had a great showing with 16 team members!

After all of the gunpowder cleared it was Machias 204 to Kenmore 197.

Next shot will be held on February 18th at Kenmore, where we will even the score up at that shoot!!



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Benchrest Match Report January 2017 by Richard Nicol

In spite of an impending Seahawks playoff game we had one of our best turnouts ever for our January match at Kenmore. (Seahawks lost anyway.) All three bays were nearly full. It was cold but not bitter, quite. Conditions were pretty good though there were winds out at 200 yards which were challenging. Again our colleagues from central Washington (East Wenatchee), Mark Burns and Henry Ohrazda drove over the pass to shoot with us. It’s always great to have them. We must reciprocate and shoot a some of their matches. And we had three new shooters drive up from Tacoma, Rick Roger, William Ellison and Daniel Perez. We’re happy they could join us. There are a lot of good shooters from south of town. Bryan March and Khanh Nguyen come to mind. And it was good to see Praveen Kumar return. He prefers to compete at much longer distances I’m sure and he’s a terrific shooter.

We have started shooting in three categories now. It seemed to work pretty well. We have factory class which is meant for rifles as they come off the loading dock and with rounded fore ends and no aftermarket goodies, like custom triggers. They can be shot off rests or bipods. Secondly, there is custom factory, which may be the trickiest one. This is for those factory guns that have wide, flat fore ends, like some of the Savages rifles and for ARs that are made up from a lot of assembled custom parts. An AR that is relatively mass produced and has a rounded fore end could conceivably be shot in the factory class. This is the tricky part. Any rifle with a flat fore end adaptor is in the custom factory class. And of course custom class is a completely custom built rifle. You know one when you see one.

So here’s how the shooting went. We shot only at 200 yards today. In Factory class, match one: Daniel Perez was first with 97-2X, Matt Daly had 95-0X and Dennis Tywkiewicz was third, scoring 94-1X. In Custom Factory which I’ll call CF class, Bryan March got off to a terrific start (and continued all day) with a score of 100-2X. His arch rival, Doris Locke was second with 98-1X and Mark Burns was third with 90-0X. In Custom class Ted Larson immediately shot the best score of the day with 100-5X. Praveen Kumar was right behind scoring 100-4X and John Chang scored 100-1X for third.

Match two: In Factory, Matt Daly was first, shooting a terrific score of 98-3X. He is shooting a Savage Model 12 F/TR, a really good choice for this class. In second was Dennis with 96-0X and Daniel was third with 95-2X. In CF Bryan was again first with 100-1X. Doris was second with 98-0X and Mark was third with 93-0X. In Custom, Ted and Khanh Nguyen both scored 100-4X for first place. Dan Kjelland was second with 100-3X and Praveen was third with 100-2X.

Match three: In Factory class Daniel was again first with 98-1X, Jeff Locke was second scoring 94-0X and Matt was third with 93-1X. In CF Bryan had 98-2X, Doris had 98-1X and Mark scored 96-1X. In Custom class Ted matched his best score of 100-5X for first. Khanh was one X behind, 100-4X and John shot 100-0X.

Okay down to the last match of the day: In Factory, Parker Letson shot his best score of the day with 97-0X. Good shooting Parker! Daniel and Jeff both shot 95-0X for second and Dennis was third scoring 94-0X. In CF round up the usual suspects: Bryan shot yet another clean target with 100-1X, Doris was second with 95-1X and Mark scored 95-0X for third place. In Custom, Dan scored 100-2X for first place. Nguyen was second with 100-1X and Ted actually dropped a point (!) so his score was a lowly 99-3X. End of story, almost.

Here are the overall winners in each class: Daniel in Factory, Bryan in Custom Factory and Ted in Custom. Our next match is February 11. That’s only three days before Valentine’s Day. We’ll have a little novelty target for a box or two of chocolates. Jeff you’d better win one for Doris, or vice versa! More likely vice versa. Also, the February match will be a sort of warmup match for our March match which is the Siebert shoot that’s shot at 100 and 200 yards. So next month we’ll shoot at those two distances. That way you’ll have all your settings for March, at least theoretically. Any questions, call Richard Nicol at 206-784-1093 or Dennis Tyskiewicz at 425-409-1223.

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NRA Instructor Training Program

Scheduled Class: January 26, 27, and 28, 2018

The goal of this program is to develop instructors to teach the NRA Basic Firearm Training Courses according to the lesson plans and training standards of the National Rifle Association. It is not designed to prepare you to teach other firearm training courses, such as law enforcement, security, or hunter safety courses, nor to prepare you to develop firearms training courses on your own.

The NRA Instructor Training Course is designed to teach you how to teach others to shoot using NRA lesson plans and training methods. The course is not designed to improve your shooting skills. Proficiency in basic firearm safety and shooting skills is a prerequisite for certification as an NRA Instructor. You will need to demonstrate your firearms proficiency during the Pre-Course Assessment.

The NRA Training Counselor(s) who conduct your course will make a recommendation to the NRA concerning your certification, based on an evaluation of your knowledge, skill, and attitude. You will be asked to demonstrate your organizational and teaching skills through participation in several practical exercises during the course of your training. You will also be asked to complete an Instructor Examination, with a score of 90% or higher. Attendance at the course, or a passing grade on the examination, does not guarantee that you will receive the recommendation of the NRA Training Counselor(s).

Instructor certification involves a commitment to teach an NRA Basic Firearm Training Course at least once per year in each discipline group (rifle, pistol, shotgun, reloading, personal protection) in which you hold instructor ratings.

WHAT: NRA Basic Firearms Instructor Training (Home Firearm Safety and one of either Pistol, Rifle, or Shotgun.
WHEN: Friday through Sunday, Jan 26, 27, and 28, 2018
WHERE: The courses will be held at Kenmore Gun Range
1031 - 228th Street SW, Bothell, WA 98021
Please check our website
and your registration package for specific details on class location.
COST: The course fee is $175 paid in advance. In addition, the NRA charges a first-time certification fee of $30 (for NRA members, $50 for non-members), which you pay directly to the NRA.
The fee for Instructors picking up an additional certification is $145 IF they have taken Basic Instructor Training (BIT) within the last 24 months. If they have not, they will need to attend the BIT (new requirement per NRA Training Counselor Guide, Revised 01-10) prior to picking up an additional certification. The fee for the 3-day class will be $175.
Make check payable to "WCW, Inc" and mail to:
Kenmore Gun Range
ATTN: Richard Ripley
1031 - 228th Street SW
Bothell, WA 98021

Richard Ripley - 206-271-0670  All applications and fees must be postmarked by January 12th, or received in hand at the Range by January 15th to hold a seat. All applications received after that will be accommodated on a "space and materials" available basis, and charged a $50 late fee. If in doubt, call or e-mail


If possible, read the Student handbook for your discipline. Handbooks can be ordered online from the NRA at: for Handbook Only).

Be familiar with the action types you will encounter. Know how to load, unload, and safe them. Download the Pre-Course Qualifications (links below) for the actions required in your specific discipline.

Pistol Instructor candidates must also complete the full Basic Pistol course and the on-line portion of the Blended Pistol course before attending the Basic Pistol Instructor course.


At least 1 firearm for your discipline (See Pre-Course Qualifications links below for specifics.).

A 2" three ring notebook

Red, green, and/or blue pens (Its frequently desirable to use color to highlight parts of the lesson plan)

Highlighters, 1 or 2 colors


Lunch /snacks

Range Gear (eye and hearing protection)

Clothing for cold, wet, and wind (our ranges are outdoors).

50-100 rounds of ammo

To apply for training please:

1. Download the NRA Instructor Application (below) and fill it out and return it as per the instructions above.

2. Download the Pre-Course Qualification Requirements (below) for the discipline(s) in which you desire to be certified. Make sure that you can fulfill/exceed the minimal requirements. The purpose of Instructor classes is to teach experienced, qualified individuals how to TEACH, not how to shoot. Candidates are expected to be PROFICIENT in the firearm discipline in which they intend to instruct.


NRA Instructor Application

(Must be filled out by ALL applicants)

Pre-Course Qualification Requirements

Modern Firearms
Home Firearm Safety

Muzzleloading Firearms
Muzzleloading Pistol
Muzzleloading Rifle
Muzzleloading Shotgun

Personal Protection
Personal Protection in the Home
Personal Protection Outside the Home

Range Safety (No Pre-Course Qualifications - Course Description Only)
Range Safety Officer
Chief Range Safety Officer

Refuse To Be A Victim® (RTBAV)
A crime prevention and violence avoidance class that does not involve use of firearms

Ammunition Reloading (No Pre-Course Qualifications - Course Description Only)
Metallic Cartridge Reloading
Shotgun Shell Reloading

Additional Information

Plan on 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM all 3 days. It is possible that a given discipline may finish sooner, but do not plan on it.

If this is your initial NRA Instructor Certification, you will need to attend all 3 days of the class. The first day is Basic Instructor Training (BIT), essentially "how to teach the NRA way". Days 2 and 3 are the discipline-specific materials (rifle, pistol, or shotgun).

Day 1 will include the Pre-Course Qualification, which consists of 3 tests:

1. A gun handling drill - demonstrate safe loading and unloading of the firearms for your discipline
Rifle includes 6 action types - bolt, pump, break, semi-auto, lever, and falling block
Shotgun includes 4 action types - bolt, break, pump, and semi-auto
Pistol includes single action revolver, double-action revolver, and semi-auto pistol
Home Firearm Safety includes 3 pistol types, and 5 long gun types

2. The written Student Exam for your discipline. You will need to score 90% or better on this closed-book exam.

3. A shooting test for your discipline. The discipline specific shooting requirements can be downloaded, along with the full Pre-Course Qualification requirements from the above links.

Day 1 will then cover Basic Instructor Training, which is about 8 hours, including the NRA Trainer's Exam. You will need to score 90% or better on the Trainer's Exam.

Days 2 and 3 (the discipline-specific days) are described below.

If you are already an NRA Certified Instructor in another discipline, you can skip Day 1. HOWEVER, you will need to show proof of having successfully attended/completed an NRA Basic Instructor Training (BIT) class and Trainer's Exam in the last 24 months. If you have not done this, you will need to re-take Basic Instructor Training on Day 1 (new requirement: NRA Training Counselor Guide, Revised 01-10).

Days 2 and 3 are the discipline-specific days, and will begin with the Pre-Course Qualification described above and downloaded in complete form from above links. The course length will vary according to discipline (Rifle is 14 hours, Pistol is 11 hours, Shotgun is 11 hours, and Home Firearms Safety is 5 hours - listed hours are minimums and may be exceeded, if necessary).

NRA Instructor Training Courses do NOT teach shooting skills. You must bring shooting skills with you to the class. Instructor Training Courses teach you how to teach shooting skills, the NRA way. If you need to learn shooting skills, attend a Basic Class.

Instructor certification is dependent on the Candidate's knowledge, skill, and attitude. Attendance at, and even completion of, an NRA Instructor Training Course does not guarantee Certification.

Directions and Lodging Information

The Range is located at 228th St SW in Bothell, WA 98021.

Direction can be found at the Kenmore Range Web site at

There are 3 reasonable hotels in the immediate area. We've not stayed at either one (we live here), but they do seem nice and people who have stayed there were happy with them. Unfortunately, we don't have enough volume with either one to warrant a special rate.

The Extended Stay America is about 3 minutes from the range, just over the hill.

The Residence Inn is about 10 minutes (1 interstate exit) away.

The Hilton Garden Inn is close to the Residence Inn above.

If you're driving an RV, we don't have overnight space, but the Lake Pleasant RV Park is a nice-looking RV park about 5 minutes away.

In the Canyon Park area, there are several restaurants, such as:

Canyon's - good American food
Grazie Restaurant - very good Italian food
Outback Steak House - (use 98021 as the Zip Code)
Pizza Hut
Mod Pizza
Bonefish Grill