2017-2018 Youth Shotgun League

The 2017-2018 Youth Shotgun League came to a close on March 18, 2018, culminating in a pizza and ice cream party for the shooters, their families and volunteers.

This League’s overall top shot was Justin Atkinson, a first year Youth League shooter, who led the league for the entire season.

The top Lady shooter was Abby Meyer, another first year Youth League shooter.

Most Improved shooters were Lyle Branscomb, an alumni shooter, and Evan Frits, a first year Youth League shooter.

The Runner-Up to the top shooter was Isaiah Urrutia, a 4 year alumni Youth League shooter.

Mark Silver and Dave Levinson, Youth Shotgun coaches, thanked everyone who helped out with league, especially the parents of the shooters, and reiterated that youth shooters are the lifeblood to all shooting sports and all shooting venues at the club truly appreciate youth shooters parent’s willingness, openness and participation in all WCW youth shooting.