Wildlife Committee of WA - Kenmore Sport Shooting Facility

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The Kenmore Range has several dedicated pistol ranges. Range #3 is a fully safetied 28 point all-weather 7, 15, 25 and 50 yard range. This range has turning targets at 25 yards and is used for both International and Bullseye matches and leagues as well as competitive shooting practice. There are good lights on the targets and we hold evening competitions often.

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The Kenmore Shooting Sports Park has all types of archery facilities. Our Olympic FITA Archery range is one of only a few dedicated FITA ranges in the entire country and is for members and tournaments only. Our covered Flat Range has targets from 20 to 80 yards. The shooting line is under cover and the targets are lit for evening shooting by members with permission. Our Walk-thru range has 50+ animal bag targets in a natural hunting setting. There are marked firing points and sheltered targets with no marked distances.

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The Kenmore Range has two high power rifle ranges, one for the exclusive use of the qualified members, and one for general member and public shooter use. The rifle ranges are open 362 days a year for both member and public use. With two separate ranges where we can hold various matches and events and still have open shooting available.

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The Shotgun facilities include a clubhouse/pro-shop, 4 trap fields, one practice trap field, and a 5-stand with a 65′ duck tower. We use primarily Beomat automatic trap machines with one in each trap house and one up the duck tower. The 12 traps used on the 5-stand are a mixture of automatic trap, automatic skeet machines, and specialized automatic teal and rabbit machines.

WCW Leading sportsman's club in the Puget Sound Area

Kenmore Shooting Range is the premier outdoor shooting range in the Pacific Northwest
The WCW won the NRA President's Award for 9 years in a row.

The Wildlife Committee of Washington (WCW) is the leading sportsman's club in the Puget Sound area, with over 2,000 members and a pro-active philosophy. Membership in the Wildlife Committee of Washington is open to anyone of good character who wishes to associate themselves with the policies, projects, and goals of the organization. We are non-partisan, non-sectarian, and we are race, religion, creed, and gender neutral. Our large and diverse membership has the common bond of enjoying the outdoor sports and the desire to protect that heritage. The Wildlife Committee of Washington is a member of and supports the following state and national organizations. We strongly recommend that all shooters and hunters maintain their own individual membership in these organizations: National Rifle Association (NRA), USA Shooting (USAS), Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), Washington State Rifle and Pistol Association (WSR&PA), Washington State Archery Association (WSAA), Washington State Bowhunters (WSBH), National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), National Archery Association (NAA).

  • 50, 100, 200 & 300 Yard

  • 7, 15, 25 & 50 Yards

  • 16 yards, handicap, doubles, continental and 5 stand

  • Olympic FITA, Walk Through & Indoor

Club Contacts

Officers and VIPs

Joseph Rinaldi

You can contact me at zzwop@comcast.net

Michael Wichser

Vice President
You can contact me at mwichser@clearwire.net

Robb Stack

Second Vice President

Tami Gramer

You can contact me at gramerwcw@gmail.com

Dale Sieg

Recording Secretary

Jeff LeMoine

Chairman Trustees

David Levinson

Chairman Elect
You can contact me at d.levinson@wcwinc.org

Soo Drechsler

You can contact me at soo.drechsler@gmail.com

Jim Thompson


Larry Mallory

My interests include pistol, Rifle and Shotgun shooting. I enjoy Hunting and fishing.

Gary Webster

Past President
You can contact me at tpptyrant@msn.com

Mark Silver

Facilities Operations Manager

Ping Look

Corresponding Secretary

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