The Shotgun Range

Trap Range
The Shotgun facilities include a clubhouse/pro-shop, 4 trap fields, one practice trap field, and a 5-stand with a 65' duck tower. We use primarily Beomat automatic trap machines with one in each trap house and one up the duck tower. The 12 traps used on the 5-stand are a mixture of automatic trap, automatic skeet machines, and specialized automaticteal and rabbit machines. Only trap loads are allowed on our range (7 1/2, 8, 8 1/2, 9 shot size) - no hunting or magnum loads!.

Kenmore has 4 trap fields and a practice trap field, and we throw American, Continental, doubles and handicap trap. We have a full compliment of voice pulls and have excellent lights for night shooting.

Kenmore has the premier 5-stand in the Pacific Northwest with 12 different trap machines throwing targets in every direction. Singles, true pairs, following pairs, running rabbit, springing teal, 65 foot tall duck tower.

Introduction, light difficulty, intermediate and expert throwing patterns are run evey day. The field is well lit for night shooting.(click for more 5-Stand)

Duck Tower
A Beomat trap machine 65' up a tower. This setup throws birds high overhead simulating a duck in flight. Shot alone or as part of the 5-Stand setup. The trap machine can be set at any height in between for a different look, and comes all the way down to load the 350 bird magazine