January 26, 2017

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New memberships include a one time $200.00 initiation fee.
Spouse Information
Minor Dependent Children
I have not been able to volunteer at the club as much as I would like due to my busy schedule, however I would like to donate a little additional to help hire the work done.
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I am applying for membership in the Wildlife Committee of Washington, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of our wildlife and environment, to the education of the public and our youth in hunting, firearm and archery safety, to the promotion of general firearm and archery marksmanship, including the various competitive shooting sports. I will support those aims.

I understand the administration and all activities of the Wildlife Committee of Washington, Inc. are conducted through the unpaid services of its members and I agree to donate my time and expertise as needed. I warrant that I am of good character and have a legal right to own and use firearms in the United States and the State of Washington.

I understand that if the initiation process is not completed within three (3) months it could result in the forfeiture of all fees paid with this application. The initiation process includes attending an orientation session and being voted into membership by the Board of Directors. No membership benefits are granted until the initiation process has been completed.

Please check the calendar for the next orientation meeting which is held in the Chalet at 7pm the second Tuesday of each month.
Waiver of Liability
I have read and understand the range safety rules and understand the dangers associated with the use of firearms and archery equipment which could include death, personal injury and property damage. In consideration for being permitted use of the facilities and entry to the premises, and on behalf of my family, estate, heirs and assigns, I assume all risk of death, personal injury and property damage and I hold harmless the Wildlife Committee of Washington, its officers, directors, members, agents, and employees from all claims of action, or liability of any kind.
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All ranges will be closed on July 8-9 for the annual WCW 3-D Archery Shoot.
Kenmore is putting together a donation basket for women who have been a victim of domestic violence and abuse
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